Pub Quizzo

Jon Mackey’s
Quizzo Pub Trivia™
& Campus Quizzo™

The Rules


Teams can have up to six players. If you have more than six friends joining the fun, you can either split up into two teams or make certain that the same six people are answering the questions in a given round (which you can decide based upon the theme of the given round). This is where the ‘honor system’ comes into play. Please be honorable.


The ten questions in each of the four rounds are split into two sections of five, and teams can ‘double’ either the top or bottom five answers in a given round to double your score for those five answers (for correct answers, of course) … BUT … you may only ‘double’ twice throughout the entire game, so please use your ‘doubles’ wisely.


Spelling does not count, unless the host specifies that it does for a particular question.


No pocket reference materials or books of any kind are allowed (including your daily newspaper).


The most important rule of Quizzo, though? Have fun!