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About Quizzo Pub Trivia

Quizzo is a team trivia game played by (typically) teams of up to six players. The origins of Quizzo can be traced back to Ireland, where pub trivia games with a similar format have been played for a long time before the inception of the term ‘Quizzo.’ The first standardized Quizzo night in the U.S. (to the best of our knowledge) appeared around 1993 in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Deck Tavern. The game (again, typically) consists of forty trivia questions divided into four rounds of play, with certain rounds often having themes.

Jon Mackey’s own Quizzo career began as a player in many of Philadelphia’s fine drinking establishments throughout the city. After relocating back to Northcentral Pennsylvania, Jon found his appetite for useless trivia knowledge was not remotely being satisfied; so in 2005, Jon decided to introduce Quizzo to the denizens of Williamsport, PA … and the rest, as they say, is history. And, as you can see on the right, Jon puts a lot of thought into making Quizzo the best trivia game there is!