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As the hardest working man in Central PA (between the hours of 8 PM and 10 PM, at least), let me first say "thank you!" Thank you to everyone that plays my brand of Quizzo every week. Without you, I would have to get a REAL job like a REAL adult and take on some REAL responsibilities. Instead, I ask trivia questions at bars. And get paid for it. Can you believe this s**t? And it’s all thanks to you.
My love of useless knowledge really took off in college when my friends and I would get drunk and play Trivial Pursuit. Or maybe it was Scrabble. Like I said, I was drunk. After college I moved to the City of Brotherly Love to pursue a career in sports broadcasting, landing a job with Comcast SportsNet. I only lasted few months, wasting away in the tape room logging Phillies games from the mid-90s. If you remember those Phillies teams from the mid-90s, you’ll understand why I didn’t last long. After a short stint as a professional black jack player (and by “professional,” I mean I lost real money), I was accepted into the Philadelphia Police Academy, where, unlike high school, I graduated in the top ten of my class. I patrolled the streets of West Philadelphia in the 19th District for three years. I was a combination of Robocop and that dude Archie Bunker played in 'In the Heat of the Night.'
In 2005, I moved back to Williamsport, where I landed a job tending bar at the Bullfrog Brewery, where I would work while going to Penn State to become a teacher. Realizing after one semester that I only really wanted to be a teacher so I could have the summers off, I decided shaping the future leaders of our country probably wasn’t for me … something needed to change ... so I approached the Bullfrog’s ownership about hosting a weekly trivia night and as they say, the rest is history.
In addition to hosting Quizzo at several bars each week, I am also a proud (most of the time) father of two boys and the EXTREMELY lucky husband of Katie Mackey, who without, none of this would have ever been possible! Cheers!

Tony grew up in Philadelphia, so you can immediately assume he's an obnoxious Philly sports fan. Tony made his way up to State College in 1999 to finish his Penn State education and never left. He cut his teeth playing Quizzo at Otto's for a few years before taking over the reins as host in 2011. Now he is a Junior Quizmaster for Happy Valley. Does his voice and non-regional diction sound familiar? It's because he's heard weekday afternoons on the local classic rock station, 93.7 The Bus. Tell Tony you're a big Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen fan, and he may slip you a few extra points. If you admit to liking Nickelback, you will get kicked out.

Lauren is an eccentric PhD student who hails from Long Beach, California. She started hosting Quizzo in 2014 after she fell for the other Quizzo host, Tony. She likes to host Quizzo because she sucks at playing Quizzo; she only knows things about Germany and Seinfeld. Pro-Tip: If you buy her a beer, she'll give you 5 bonus points.

Kristen grew up in Philadelphia, PA area and got a degree in Web and Interactive Media at Pennsylvania College of Technology. After realizing that she has spent most of her life in Pennsylvania, she wanted to move away and ended up in Baltimore, Maryland. She is really into gaming, anime, technology, and B-rated horror movies. She played Jon Mackey’s Quizzo almost every Wednesday off campus and almost every Thursday on campus while attending Penn College, thus sparked her love for trivia. If you are able to name the 3 parts of the Triforce with their corresponding colors, you will be rewarded 3 extra points.